Marvil CG LLC  develops and executes  marketing strategies and programs in Healthcare, FMCG, Retail, Wholesale, etc,  since 2005. Our portfolio includes  analytical, strategic and field services. On strategic level we perform:c

Macro environment marketing audit

Internal marketing audit

Competitive analysis

 Market analysis

 Marketing objectives consulting   

 Developing  of marketing strategies


For the graphic design needs of our clients we prepare  Circulars, Flyers, Leaflets, Web pages, Banners. Our team of dedicated designers provide smooth and synchronized partnership. Smooth like working from your own office and synchronized with 24-hour, real-time communication with designers for immediate response and total client control.

Marvil CG, LLC will match your company with the right off-site designer with a 100% personalized touch. Personal graphic designer, marketing specialist or creative is always here to help. 100% accessible for your projects.


1. Because it costs less

We can cut up to 50% of your in-house marketing production budget.

2. Because we know how

We have extensive experience in sales, market planning, weekly ads, circular productions, product planning, product introductions, distribution channels, market research, pricing and promotion. We rely on our experience when we start new business projects, implement successful marketing programs and apply them  to your marketing plans, processes and initiatives.

3. A fresh perspective

A fresh, objective perspective often helps companies to overcome obstacles. We ask questions, we probe product plans and we translate technical features into customer benefits.