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Circulars & Weekly Ads

Leaflets   &  Flyers

Websites & Online content

Strategic Marketing

Outsourcing is an effective way to have  all of your marketing activities performed by professional team who will set and work to achieve your marketing goals.

Online Marketing Strategies 

We have extensive experience in starting new business initiatives, implementing successful marketing programs and applying them to your marketing plans, both off and online.

Webpage &
Graphic Design 

Conceptualization is the most  important part in creation  of the website along with the design work, the  UI and the technical execution  of the project. 


"My business benefited 10 folds from Violeta's talent and passion for high quality work."

Johanna Minassian

Owner of InnerchildYogaLA.com

Ad Circulars 

Circulars are used widely in the Retail business as a tool   of  promoting your  product  or a  price  discount to the targeted  audience.

Social Media

 Social media presence and campaigns, communication  channels  opened for Q&A, customer service, blogs,   etc are just a small set of the tools we use.

 Flyers &

Flyers and Brouchures are one of the most  popular parts  of the  marketing collateral when you need the  intense and targeted campaign for your product or service.